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KleeSMonday 04th of July 2005 11:38:41 PM
Live 8 and G8 - What does everybody think? Will it make any difference at all?

While in Africa recently it became obvious that throwing money at Less Economically Developed Countries is simply not the answer. They don't need or want charity. Raising awareness is good - but how many people hear the words and yet fail to do anything about it (I'm one I'm sure and not for lack of want). Do yout think politicians are going to have their minds changed or are all of the "rich" countries simply too scared of missing out on financial gain by being the first to do what's right and actually make a difference?

It'd be good to hear your opinions.

thanks. Klee
Footy FanaticTuesday 05th of July 2005 02:04:22 AM
- It depends if they can agree. After the rebate Jacque Chirac isn't getting on well with Tony Blair and George Bush has never agreed with the Kyoto Agreement so he isn't willing to do much on Climate change.
Janis1Tuesday 05th of July 2005 04:37:40 AM
live 8 and g8 - Hi,
I'm sure that things will not change really for the poorest countries, but fortunetaly there are people able to do a big party to say : Hey do something for them !
I'm French and my actual government is not really helping the poorest people in my own country (to fight the dole for example). I don't think people need charity at all !
That's my opinion !