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UlvenMonday 09th of May 2005 10:54:01 PM
email addresses - An old friend in Austria's address is now discontinued. It ended in "". I tried "", but there wasn't any success. If anyone could list me some such address codes for Austria, I'd appreciate this. Danke shön!
NeilTuesday 10th of May 2005 11:11:52 AM
- Hi Ulven!
The usual suffix for austria is .at
UlvenTuesday 10th of May 2005 11:46:27 AM
- Danke, Neil. I'll experiment with that.;) Tchus!
Besides hotmail and yahoo etc, are there many specifically Austrian browsers like your ph-linz one? (whatever those names 'hotmail' are called. I obviously don't know what I'm talking about all that much :S) lol. Or maybe 'ph-linz' is just individual and not a browser code? Is it common for a person to have the name of their Austrian city in their code, or it that... just you? :p