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zhigulionthevolgaMonday 21st of March 2005 02:01:34 AM
azeri alphabet - A А آ f'a'ther
B Б ب 'b'ook
C Ҹ ج 'j'am
Ч چ 'ch'air
D Д د 'd'ive
E Е ائ 'e'nd
Ə Ә اه c'a't
F Ф ف 'f'ig
G Ҝ گ 'g'ill
Ğ Ғ غ somewhat like french/german r
H Һ ه 'h'air
X Х خ german ch
I Ы ای happ'e'n
İ И ای h'i't
J Ж ژ gara'ge'
K К ک 'k'ill
Q Г ق 'g'oal
L Л ل 'l'ive, ha'll'
M М م 'm'ain
N Н ن 'n'eed
O О اؤ h'o'le
Ө اؤ like german
P П پ 'p'air
R Р ر 'r'ose
S С س ث ص 's'eed
Ş Ш ش 'sh'ip
T Т ت ط 't'ail
U У او f'oo'l
Ү او like german
V В و 'v'ine
Y Ј ی 'y'ear
Z З ز ذ ض ظ 'z'oo
' ' ع glottal stop, not pronounced and slowly becoming obsolete in writing

Azerbaijani has the 'distinction' of having switched alphabets three times in the past century (more information about this here: ). The Latin alphabet is official but the Cyrillic one is still occasionally used to print books and newspapers, and by older people who cannot get used to the new one. The Arabic alphabet is the one used in South Azerbaijan (Iran).