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KhayyamTuesday 07th of September 2004 12:52:44 AM
About Balochi Language - also spelled BALUCHI, or BELUCHI, modern Iranian language of the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family. Balochi speakers live mainly in an area now composed of parts of southeastern Iran and southwestern Pakistan that was once the historic region of Balochistan.

They also live in Central Asia (near Merv, Turkmenistan) and southwestern Afghanistan, and there are colonies in Oman, southern Arabia, and along the east coast of Africa as far south as Kenya.
Balochi is a Western Iranian language that is closely related to Kurdish. Despite the vast area over which it is spoken, its six dialects (Rakhshani, Sarawani, Kechi, Lotuni, the Eastern Hill dialects, and the coastal dialects) are all believed to be mutually intelligible. There are an estimated 4,800,000 worldwide speakers of Balochi Mostly in (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran).

Courtesy : Sabawoon Online
Paul8Sunday 27th of February 2005 06:25:16 AM
- Do you know of any site or person willing to teach the language or who can at least oput up a reasonably good vocabulary section on phrasebase, as you seem to know a lot about this language or do you just get all of your information from the webiste that you mentioned? (please send me a pm when you write your reply)
nyazWednesday 02nd of March 2005 06:27:27 PM
- hi
thank you for this post

i'm baluchi from Oman. And i'm realy interested to learn more about baluchi language so as paul replied if there r some sites or which could teach baluchi can u give as them?