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dolores7Sunday 08th of May 2005 04:54:58 PM one...? - Anyone interested in learning Bosnian...feel free to contact me at
GoranBcnWednesday 01st of June 2005 07:03:32 AM
Learn Bosnian -
Here you have a web site where you can find some basic vocabulary and grammar of Bosnian language
purdyamosMonday 27th of June 2005 05:42:50 PM
bosnian - I'm learning Croatian. I know it's a politically sore subject, and I understand many differences between croatian and serbian, but where does the bosnian dialect lie? What are the differences between bosnian and croatian? Would a Bosnian be offended if I spoke Croatian?
dolores7Monday 27th of June 2005 10:48:30 PM
- Hi Purdyamos,
Letís try to answer some of your questions:

- To learn a bit more about the Bosnian language, and the basics of its historical development, check:

- and to learn a bit more about differences in official Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian languages, click here:,_Croatia_and_Bosnia

As far as the understanding between the three groups is concerned, when speaking the official language, most people, most of the time will be able to communicate without much trouble. When it comes to colloquialisms, differences are greater, and in Bosnian, local language often is influenced by Turkish and Arabic.

Would a Bosnian be offended if you spoke Croatian? I doubt...go for it and don't fact, with a bit more effort, when you perfect your Croatian, it would not be too hard to work on differences between the two languages, and be able to say one day: "I speak Bosnian too" ;) ...official Croatian and Bosnian have a lot of similarities.

Good luck!