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chinita96Monday 29th of November 2004 09:34:52 PM
Breton - For those who are wanting to learn Breton, I will soon be posting some information in this newly created section Anya made for me. Go raibh míle maith agat a Anya! That was Irish gaelic, but hey... I will start various posts in there as well.

Do we have any learners interested in the Breton language? I am just trying to get an idea, since I know Breton isn't as popular as Irish or Scots Gaelic.

Jess4Saturday 01st of January 2005 01:50:04 AM
- Well, I'm not interested but good luck!
claudschiThursday 03rd of February 2005 12:29:12 AM
want to learn breton! - hi! it would be very nice if you can teach me breton!!
i hope you answer me soon!!
RMKiwiThursday 03rd of February 2005 04:45:02 AM
Hi! - Hi! I speak Breton. How can I help you ? :)
= Salud deoh! Me 'gonz breton. Penaos 'sekourein genoh?