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TJTJTuesday 09th of November 2004 10:44:11 AM
Where to life?Canada? - At the moment i am living in The Netherlands. I dislike this country. I dont like the ordanry people and the political status. I am finishing my secondary school and i am wondering what to do next... At the moment i have my eye on canada, however i dont know much about it. I think of it like the US only more social. I like the languages spoken and i realy think you can build a nice future in candada. I already know some people in Canada but they all life in the region ''Toronto''. I would like to know something about unversity's in the region Vancouver. Are there any people who have any experience knowledge or advice about Canada and its unversity's? plz tell me.
brodiewwjdTuesday 16th of November 2004 05:08:06 AM
Come to Canada - Hey! I am a Canadian Student right now studying in Montreal Quebec. I can see you have your sights on the west of Canada. But Montreal is a beautiful city with two main english university with are extremely good and very affordable. McGill university and Concordia University. I am a Montrealer with Dutch Decent and dual nationality, if you are insterested in more about Montreal just let me know.