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TwizzlaMonday 18th of October 2004 06:38:35 PM
Photos from Danmark - I know this is a language discuss, but hey, if you're learning Danish (or know it) then I'm sure you must like the land of Danmark! Heres a few photos from my time there on July 30, 31st, and August 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th of 2004!

Ah, Nyhavn. We boarded our tour here, it was an hour long and only cost 25Kr each!! The bad part was that there was no wind, and my Danish friend and I were cooked alive and came off dripping in sweat. Not so nice! But Nyhavn is a very nice area, always full of people and has great atmosphere.

Tivoli! A very popular amusement park among tourists and locals alike, in the heart of the city. Photo taken in a very big square beside the Town Hall. I went there on the Friday night and there was some popular Danish star singing there, whom I had never heard of!! But Tivoli is a must see, loads of fun!

Many of you will know of København's little mermaid. From a Hans Christian Andersen story, and Danes are very proud of this guy! Photo taken on the tour boat, it was very popular at the time, but was almost deserted at 5pm when we viewed it from land itself.

What do you do when you want to go swimming, but you don't want to drive or take the train to the beach? You build a big floating swimming pool, complete with a diving tower! Not so good if you get seasick... or for the claustrophobic, it was packed!

Home to the Danish Royal Family, who just happen to be the oldest Monarchy in the world. They seem cool anyway, much better than the English lot. (no offence intended to any Royal loving English person though!) Everyone I talked to seemed to love their Australian princess... wonder how her Dansk is coming along! They were changing the guards when we got there, which was quite cool to watch.

Leaving København now, this is Frederiksborg Castle, in Hillerød, which wasn't too far from where I was staying (just out of Hellsinge). A very impressive building, it'd do me quite nicely :)

I don't know the actual name of this place, as I just got in the car and was driven there! A very nice spot, by the beach... and quite near Sweden - you could see the Swedish coastline in the distance (but not in this photo). The harbour was very picturesque...

Back to the wonderful city of København, which again turned on some nice weather for my last little bit of time in Danmark. I stayed in the city this time, not out at my friends place. So I headed along to Nyhavn that evening and captured the place just as the sun was turning it golden... looked awesome! Was alive with people too, drinking that wonderful Carlsberg! :D

TwizzlaMonday 18th of October 2004 06:45:17 PM
- is the discuss screwing up the images for anyone else is well? I don't get it, its all formatted correctly. But computers will be computers I guess... always something screwing up! ;)

Anyway, the 1st photo, of Nyhavn, click here:

this really did bugger up my post!! okay, the little mermaid shouldnt be posted twice, and its put my description about the floating 'beach' everywhere... so heres the full lot again:

"What do you do when you want to go swimming, but you don't want to drive or take the train to the beach? You build a big floating swimming pool, complete with a diving tower! Not so good if you get seasick... or the claustrophobic, it was packed!"

Photo Link:

I think thats it... perhaps this came out properly for you, and its just on my side. Who knows... ignore this post if thats the case ;)

AnyaMonday 18th of October 2004 08:14:22 PM
- Hi Twizzla!
Great Pictures!
I've scaled them down a bit in size so that they would open more easily and fixed the links for you so that everyone can see where you've travelled!
Thank you so much for the great story!
chinita96Monday 18th of October 2004 08:43:36 PM
- Awesome Pics Twizzla! Thanks for sharing. Now you make me want to go there. The castle looks especially cool. Some day... when I have the money to travel again.
FrejaMonday 18th of October 2004 11:03:03 PM
- Hej Twizzla!

Nice pictures. It brings back memories, hehe ;) ..though I was in København this summer, but well :D

Pas godt på dig selv!

yao_annaSaturday 15th of January 2005 09:33:12 PM
WOWOWOWOOWOWO - Very nice country . I love Denmark.
AmericanBeautyGirlySunday 10th of April 2005 03:18:49 AM
- i wonder why america isn't as great as Europe? Europe's culture is so rich and amazing, thanks so much Twizzla for sharing them. maybe someday i will travel around Denmark.

Leto_AtreidesSunday 10th of July 2005 01:38:47 AM
- ok pictures, but you got to love the picture which portrays the dock.