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prflower27Sunday 16th of January 2005 10:12:25 AM
I want to learn - Can somone please teach me to speak creole.
ticoSunday 16th of January 2005 10:44:47 PM
I also want to learn Creole - Hi I also want to learn Creole

I bought several books/tape teaching tools and so far the most helpful has been the Pimsleur tape set.

so right now M pale kreyol tu petit,meh pa twa byen (I speak a little Creole but not very well)

Living in the Bahamas is great for me b/c there is a larhe Haitian community here that allows me some ability to learn.

With you being in Miami, you should have a similar advantage. Also have you heard about the FIU Haitian Summer Institute? I plan on attending this Summer

Check it out

ArimaThursday 16th of June 2005 06:41:01 PM
I also want to learn creole - Can someone please also teach me. And if anyone has any advice on which books or tapes is best suitable to help learn, I would appreciate the helpful info.
In_OdiumMonday 27th of June 2005 05:41:33 AM
- What creole do you wish to speak? French or English? If it is English creole then I may be able to help you.