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PsycheMonday 18th of April 2005 01:04:46 AM
Childhood memories..still remains - This isn`t relevant in any way I guess, but I must share a lovely tradition with you!
In Norway (where I am from) the national TV channel shows a czech movie each Christmas Eve called "Tři ořky pro Popelku". This is a version of Cinderella. This is one of the highlights for me when it`s Christmas! The movie is sooo beautiful, the wonderful mood I get in, the handsome prince, the pretty girl and her amazing changes of clothes, the wonderful music! Sigh!
I am actually thinking about learning czech just because of that movie! :)
I wonder, is it so well-known in the Czech republic as it is in Norway?

NeilThursday 21st of April 2005 10:25:31 PM
- Hi!

I don't know about Christmas movies, but here in Austria they show fairy tales every Sunday (Kinderkanal) and most of them were originally Czech productions - it would be interesting to see the original Czech!
MartaWednesday 18th of May 2005 09:36:08 PM
- hey,
I don't know the titles you mentioned but I can imagine what you're thinking about!Here, in Poland they showed a lot of Czech cartoons and they were all great! Even now, when I'm in college, we often recolect them. Especially : neighbours (sasiedzi*), the mole (krecik) and Rumcajs. Great stories:D

* names in brackets are in Polish so they might be similar in Czech, and I don't know the original titles.
agnesTuesday 24th of May 2005 12:54:06 AM
hufnagel - I live in Canada and have been sent a copy of the movie you speak of and have watched it too. It is a good movie and I shall watch it every CHristmas.