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palliSaturday 22nd of May 2004 04:36:21 AM
Czech Cinema - Are there any sites about czech cinema?
joelouisandrewFriday 02nd of July 2004 07:51:38 PM
Czech cinema - Try this site:
CzechAdamMonday 22nd of November 2004 06:20:06 PM
Some more - Here you have something more, most about the czech films:
MartaSaturday 19th of March 2005 04:54:56 AM
- I really don't want to be offensive... but in Poland we often say: "czeski film" (Czech film) if there is a very vague or strange situation and basiccaly noone knows what's going on:) I don't know if it's connected with any particular film, bu the ones i saw were quite understandable:)
mandarkTuesday 29th of March 2005 12:26:39 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by Marta
I really don't want to be offensive...

Don't worry, according to Czech school kids the Polish word for 'hedgegog' is 'kaktus pochodowy'... ;)