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vegas444nvWednesday 19th of January 2005 06:28:06 PM
a mystery - I am interested in someone who's Bulgarian, but I'm not sure if they're interested in me the same way. This person works in a pizza shop and is quite friendly with me. I went in a while ago and when he took my order he wrote "Kyuute" on the top of the order form. I was intrigued because if you pronounce Kyuute it sounds a lot like Cute in English. Does this mean anything? When I asked him he was a little evasive in his answer saying that sometimes he writes half in Bulgarian half in English. If any Bulgarian speakers out there can wager a guess as to what this might mean, I'd be most appreciative.
BG^GirlWednesday 29th of June 2005 10:51:47 PM
- I'm not sure that you understood regular what exactly he wrote.I suppose it wasn't "kyuute" but "kyufte" wich means just "a rissole".That's my supposition.