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catminceFriday 31st of December 2004 08:35:57 AM
Could someone translate this phrase? - As above, it's Malay.
tinkerbFriday 31st of December 2004 10:39:34 AM
- I'm using Indonesian instead of Malay, but because they are so close these may be accurate. It would be very helpful to know in which context you saw this phrase.


Item ID doesn't exist


Item ID isn't configured
catminceSaturday 01st of January 2005 08:39:26 AM
- Thanks! Do you have any idea what this means?

tinkerbSaturday 01st of January 2005 11:41:02 AM
I can tell you the approximate meaning of the words.

Pejabat= office

Pos= post (possibly, wasn't in the dictionary)

Jalan = road, walkway, route, or to walk

Semangat = spirit, vigor, enthusiasm

I'm not sure these make a cohesive sentence, or at least not one that makes sense to me.

You can try consulting:

for your translation needs.
bennylinMonday 10th of January 2005 12:31:33 PM
- either "Item Id Tidak Wujud" and "PEJABAT POS JALAN SEMANGAT" is nonsensical phrases in Indonesian Language, but as the uniqueness of Indonesian Language, i'm understand those phrases and tinkerb already translated it perfectly.
thanks tinkerb

the correct phrases in Indonesian (if it's spoken in Indonesian) would be
-Identitas barang tidak nampak
-Tukang pos semangat jalan

Unfortunately, you have to be contended by us, Indonesian speaker / translator, as I never saw a Melayu speaker which active / is a translator here
malaysianSunday 13th of February 2005 02:26:40 PM
translation - the literary translation for item id tidak wujud is 'ID item does not exist'
pejabat pos jalan semangat is the address of the post office.
it means that the post office is on Jalan Semangat
Jalan is road and semangat is Spirit.

trishMonday 14th of February 2005 04:39:10 PM
- malay is a beautiful_language
try translating Terima(h) Kasih --- which means thankyou in Malay but literally terima means to receive/accept n kasih means love... n somehow when the two words are put together it simply means thankyou. *.*
trishMonday 14th of February 2005 05:11:22 PM
- by he way , just curious if anyone wld like to translate the following malay wrds :in brackets are my version of translation

nama awak smurff ka (are you mr smurff? or maybe whats your id? i was forced to learn more meaning abt id lately u see..)


saya tak kerna lagi muka awak (i cannot recognize your face b may b....or does it mean i dunno you anymore?

awak kerna ka saya sayang (do you know me dear/dar/whatever lah.)ha remind me of an english song titled IF you dunno me bye now. :(? may b my lawyer can help you! lol?)

my brothers married malay and has converted to islam (sorta) so i also have some in laws in malay now.