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DuffieMonday 03rd of January 2005 09:50:54 AM
English to Any Language - Can you translate "All Done" for me? used in like, "I'm all done!" but could be said alone?

Any language would be excellent. Thanks so much!
tinkerbMonday 03rd of January 2005 12:17:07 PM
I would use "listo/lista/listos/listas" in Spanish class.

Indonesian could also be "sudah" which means already but could be "all done" in the right contexts.
AnyaTuesday 04th of January 2005 01:25:46 PM
- In Russian (context dependent)

"It's done"
Закончено - (finished)
Сделано - (completed, made)
Доделано - (brought to completion)

"I'm done" (m)
я закончил

"I'm done"(f)
я закончила
rbrumaWednesday 05th of January 2005 03:08:58 PM
In Romanian... - ... it's "gata" (meaning closer to German "fertig").
carla caniveteThursday 06th of January 2005 07:06:56 PM
Portuguese - In portuguese you can say:

feito (done)
pronto (ready)
acabei (I'm all done)
estou pronto (I'm ready)

trishSaturday 08th of January 2005 02:35:05 PM
Chinese - yuan(2) man(3) jie(2) shu(4)---means all round up and finisto!

wan(2) le(0)-- finish, can be positive (completion) or negative (a dead situation).

jie(2) ju(4)-- the state in which something ends, end result, outcome etc

hao(3) le(4) -- means OK , its done -- eg. chi(1) hao(3) yi(2) dun(4) mei(3) can(1)-- means a dilicious meal has been consumed.
JadokesaTuesday 11th of January 2005 02:38:39 AM
- Swedish: Depends on context. Klar or färdig, usually.
"Jag är klar" or "Jag är färdig" = I'm done
[dark]Tuesday 11th of January 2005 07:04:27 AM
Translation - "All done" can be translated as just "Klaar" or "Gedaan" in Dutch
"Gereed" can also be used but that's more like Belgian-Dutch, Dutch speaking people from The Netherlands aren't used to that I think.
If you want to say "I'm all done" in Dutch you can say "Ik ben klaar", "Ik heb gedaan", or "Ik ben gereed" which is again a little more Belgian-Dutch
laimuckaFriday 14th of January 2005 06:46:31 PM
Lithuanian - Baigta! - it is finished;
Padaryta! - it is done.

"Aš baigiau." or "Baigiau." - I have finished.
"Jau padariau." - I have already done.

makostesztaMonday 17th of January 2005 04:09:14 PM
- In Hungarian it's 'Kész'....
TimbosWednesday 26th of January 2005 10:15:50 PM
German and French - German: you'd probably say 'Fertig' (lit.: finished)

French: similarly, you could probably say 'Fini' (again, 'finished')
keaThursday 10th of February 2005 12:26:16 AM
in Estonian - done - valmis
mmaxwellThursday 10th of February 2005 09:37:07 AM
- In Serbian it would be:
Završeno (pronaunced Zah-Vrr-sheh-noh)
vlad777Tuesday 01st of March 2005 05:21:46 PM
- in spanish:

chinita96Monday 21st of March 2005 01:51:03 AM
Irish - déanta = done, completed

Tá sé déanta = It is done
Ian DMonday 21st of March 2005 07:14:41 AM
Done/Finished - You can also use Críochnaithe (Finished)

Tá mé críochnaithe
(I am finished/completed)
khaan11Friday 08th of April 2005 12:56:58 AM
Urdu - ختم
If you haven't Urdu / Arabic support it is Khatam
hamid18Saturday 23rd of April 2005 11:19:58 AM
- انا مفعول ana maf'ol. "i am done"
royaletulipFriday 06th of May 2005 10:14:02 AM
- im done

in malay
sudah selesai
sudah siap
PsycheSaturday 07th of May 2005 02:53:15 PM
- In Norwegian:

Ferdig! (done!)

Jeg er ferdig! (I`m done!)
dawn lorraineThursday 19th of May 2005 09:30:23 AM
- In tagalog... all done - tapos na
aaluandaMonday 30th of May 2005 05:21:12 AM
All done! - "All done" = "Xong" in Vietnamese.
"I'm all done" = "Tôi xong rồi" or "Tôi đã sẵn sàng"