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RIDE HONDASaturday 11th of June 2005 12:04:22 PM
Icelandic translation - i need to translate the following caption to a picture from Icelandic to English. PLEASE HELP. it is short. 3 sentences long. help would be grately appreciated!!! thanks

Upp á Ytrisúlu, Ţorsteinn, Eiríkur og Finnur. Í bakgrunni er Syđrisúla, Kerling og svo Lambárdalsöxl. Hćgra megin viđ hjólamennina sést í Tröllahyrnu og Tröllin og Tröllafjall.

this caption i think is about some mountains. maybe that would help a little bit but i dont know. PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW ICELANDIC THEN PLEASE LEND ME SOME OF YOUR TIME!! this would be greatly appreciated
FrejaSaturday 11th of June 2005 08:12:55 PM
- With my limited knowledge I can only guess, so this is only a guess :)

Up on Ytrisúlu, Ţorsteinn, Eiríkur and Finnur. In the background are Syđrisúla, Kerling and then Lambárdalsöxl. Right side with ... placed in Tröllahyrnu and Tröllin and Tröllafjall.

Hehe, that wasn't really helping, doesn't make that much sense, I know ;)

RIDE HONDASaturday 11th of June 2005 08:49:31 PM
thanks - well thank you anways for trying. it helped me out. i can atleast understand some of it now thanks to your help. so thank you again. it was appreciated.
FrejaSunday 12th of June 2005 12:36:07 AM
- Glad to hear!