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DaviTuesday 03rd of August 2004 09:16:53 AM
If only - When my head hit the pillow last night, and I closed my eyes as my brain started its routine spin-down, I shuddered to realize what was playing over again. I often listen to talk radio as I work, so as the day goes on, I listen to a lot of radio. I get really good sound in headphones, and I really find my "zone." As you'd expect, my brain was playing back the talk radio show of all things. Of itself, the radio is not a bad thing. It provides a distraction and mild entertainment to break up the monotony of being chained to a desk all day every day. Now it had gone too far however. Now I was dreaming talk radio. Yuck!

As a fix-it-minded man is wont to do, I instinctively started mentally filing through possible solutions. I thought about that I like that talk radio is definitely substantive. I thought about that what bothers me is that I am not learning anything new, however, in thinking about what I've heard. I'm just re-playing it in my head. Again, yuck!

I thought that if my brain is going to replay at night what I listen to during the day, then I must be sure that what I'm hearing is worthy of such low-level mental rumination. Then I thought about what I want most to learn, after of course, being the best husband and father I can be. Then it hit me.

Until I am abducted by aliens who give me the winning lottery number--which is probably the only way I'd win the lottery, because I don't play it--I am haunted by the spectre of unemployment. Will tomorrow be the dreaded day that I fail to keep shoes on the feet and food in the mouths of my wife and babies? I find comfort in envisioning the perfect workday. That day has various versions. As a point of reference, consider the here-and-now workday wherein nothing is different. Next comes something in between the here-and-now and the ideal, and finally comes the ideal. At any rate early along that continuum, translating comes in.

To conclude, therefore, in a word I would say "translating." For me personally "translating" means Portuguese, Spanish, Creole, and French, and it means finding and retaining work in the field as well. If only I could listen all day to musings on translating and on my "B" languages of Portuguese, Spanish, Creole, and French. If only...
KasumiiThursday 02nd of September 2004 10:26:43 AM
- that was beautiful... *sniffle sniffle*