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DeadKennedysSaturday 21st of August 2004 10:05:11 AM
JAPANESE HELP PLEASE - I need help translating these phrases into romanji AND kanji, please.

"You should tell me about yourself, you seem like a neat girl. What kind of things do you like? Just tell me anything you can think of about you."

"Sometime I'd like to spend a day with you. We could see a movie, get lunch, anything you'd like. Would you like to?"

"I'm sorry I keep asking the same questions, I'm just worried my Japanese hasn't been good enough for you to understand the other times I asked."

"I hope I didn't offend you when I said you were cute. I'm sorry if I did, I was just trying to compliment you."

"Write me back!"
sasuke2004Tuesday 30th of November 2004 01:47:25 PM
Nani? - Man... I can't find anyone that knows japanese; I think you might have to look somewhere else... i'm trying too. ⌐_⌐