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AntichristSunday 10th of April 2005 12:07:51 AM
Kaizers Orchestra's Lyrics - My favorite band is the norwegian rock band, Kaizers Orchestra. I think that I'm the only person in Israel that knows they exist (well, actually I introduced them to a friend, so, not including him). Anyway I would like to know what each and every of their song's lyrics mean. Unfortunately, I don't know Norwegian yet, so I humbly ask everyone who can help to translate all of Kaizers Orchestra's lyrics to Russian, Hebrew, or English. I'll provide links, if you'll need them.
Thanks ahead!!!
PsycheSaturday 16th of April 2005 04:39:11 AM
- I could translate some songs to English, don`t know if I could translate them all (depends on how many songs they have ;) )!
If you give me the links, and hopefully say which songs you would most like to have translated, I could start right-away!