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toujoursvraiThursday 21st of October 2004 12:56:46 PM
need a translation - hey! i was wondering if anyone could give me a translation for "God's laughter" in any of those languages. thanks a lot!
Luludya738Thursday 21st of October 2004 04:40:15 PM
In modern greek it is... - "to gelasma tou Theou" but I suppose you were not refering to that...
KennedyThursday 21st of October 2004 05:47:27 PM
- Hello there. :-)

Although our Greek flower (Luludya) proposed "gelasma", I'd prefer to use "gelio". I think "gelasma" has a connotation of "koroidia", which means "mockery", "gaff", or "twit". It's a bit sarcastic. My attempts would be:

Greek: Το γέλιο του Θεού. (To gelio tou Theou)
Latin: Risus Dei.
Arabic: Dehket Allah.

I don't know any Hebrew, so I can't really help you there. Also, I can't write Arabic here, so I had to resort to Latin characters. Sorry. :/

One more thing: to see the Greek fonts correctly, change your browser's encoding display to Greek 'ISO-8859-7' or 'Windows 1253' (Go to View > Encoding > Greek).

Hope it helped. :)
toujoursvraiSaturday 23rd of October 2004 01:36:44 AM
good, good - how about "the delight of God" ?
avia8Thursday 03rd of February 2005 09:16:55 PM
In Hebrew - Hi,

Literally 'god's laughter' means
tzchok elohim
צחוק אלוהים
or - hatzchok shel elohim (the laughter of god)
הצחוק של אלוהים

"the delight of God" - haoneg shel elohim
העונג של אלוהים

I hope this helps