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JosheeBoiTuesday 19th of April 2005 12:21:51 AM
Romanian Phrases - Hello,

I was wondering if any users had msn or
something, and I could ask them various
Phrases? It would be greatly aprreciated.

makostesztaTuesday 19th of April 2005 12:29:12 AM
Hello - Hi Josh, you can ask me, and I will hopefully be able to help you. My msn id is Norika (
JosheeBoiTuesday 19th of April 2005 12:32:26 AM
- Thanks! Anyone else too?
rbrumaWednesday 20th of April 2005 03:02:50 PM
- You can also contact me, provided that I'm online, on yahoo msgr. (id: remote_sync) or send them at

Unless they are very personal in nature, it is better to ask them openly in the Romanian discuss, so that everyone could benefit from the replies.