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ConraDargoWednesday 13th of April 2005 09:13:34 PM
Some Japanese - Hi everyone!

I'm curious to know what these three Internet pages say and was wondering if there are any kind souls here that could help me out :)

Thanks in advance, and my patience is high so I don't mind waiting for a reply ^^
hamid18Saturday 23rd of April 2005 10:57:17 AM
go to - i ran the first page through this online translator. it's supposed to be really accurate (i'm only just now learning to read Japanese. although it might be a little off (i think there was some Katanaka in there)

When I put it and call a name, a dear puppy rushes up with you love joyfully.
I stare at such a puppy and pat it and.
It is puppies and the daily opening that it mentions easily.

At first from selection of puppy to spend in a kennel (a pet shop) together.
In a kennel, the puppies that sex / a hair color / character is various wait for you to come.
When it "is this child", I am with a pin and the puppy which came in a house, and let's come back.

It is finally puppies and the happy daily opening that it mentions.
Is a name of a puppy thought about?
A puppy learns your voice when I call a name many times and understands it when it is one's name.
When the puppy which learned a name calls you, I rush up towards you straight.

While I talk and pat it and touch it, a puppy learns your voice and meets it by a pretty gesture.
I do discipline to puppies meeting one's voice and teach art and train while talking.
I teach it in "a hand" and Japanese and teach it with "PAW"
(パウ ) in English and learn a password only for you and a puppy.

"Our child" for you that only one of them is in the world carries the puppy which I appear, and met you in this way.