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mel26cTuesday 30th of November 2004 02:59:54 PM
Tagalog to English! - Could someone please translate for me!

Mis na mis na kita

Thanks so much!
tinkerbTuesday 30th of November 2004 03:35:52 PM
- Unless this is slang, are you sure it´s Tagalog?

I checked a bunch of dictionaries and the closest I can find to mis is misa.

Na is usually more or less the equivalent of "of" that is used when the first word (the "possession") ends in a consonant.

So I see "the mis of the mis," but I'm not sure that makes sense.

Insofar as kita, it is usually a verbal root. With the -um- infix it means "to earn" and with the mag- prefix it means "to meet, to see each other, to find." Other related meanings are income, hire, view, visible, and profit--depending on context and affixes.

Kita in Indonesian is "we," although its use seems to vary regionally as to whether it is inclusive or exclusive.

Perhaps a native speaker would have a better answer, and it could be slang, which with I am unfamiliar.

Mabuting suwerte!

NB. After initially writing this, it is Tagalog. I searched a few places and have found it online, but I have no translation for you (yet).
mel26cTuesday 30th of November 2004 03:49:17 PM
- Yes I think it is Slang. My friend is a filo, he sends me txt msgs on my phone & I try to translate them, as im just begining to learn all these msgs are driving me crazy! Anyway thankyou for trying to help me. Also he just told me what it means, he says : I miss you, I miss you. Normally he wont tell me what he is saying & half the time I cant translate what he is saying!
alequin0923Wednesday 01st of December 2004 10:28:59 AM
Translation - Hi Mel26C

Regarding your question, "Mis na mis kita" is actually a slang and a combination of English and Filipino. "Mis" is from "Miss" meaning "to lack, or to miss someone" when repeated makes it superlative."Kita" or "Kitá" means you. Therefore it means "I miss you so much", in formal Filipino/Tagalog it is "Nananabik ako sa iyo ng labis".

Hope that answers your question.

Hanggang sa muli!

mel26cWednesday 01st of December 2004 02:46:07 PM
Thanku Aleq - Salamat Si Aleq! thankyou for your help.