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myprofeThursday 16th of September 2004 06:42:33 AM
Translating in Spain - Most people assume that a person who is bilingual can pick up some extra cash with little or no effort by doing a few Phrases on the side. Well, if you happen to be considering getting into the translating market in Spain Iím afraid Iíve got some bad news for you. The only documents that a company is going to send off to a translating agency, and pay good money to have translated are those that nobody in the company is willing or able to do. This means that you will never get your hands on a non-technical, well written text that comes from a native speaker. Instead you might be given ten pages of a two hundred page medical research paper written in English by a German research scientist to translate to Spanish. Or translate the Spanish version of the operating manual of a new Japanese product into English.

JondelSunday 07th of November 2004 05:20:16 PM
I used to translate. - I wish I could get back to translation. I used to for 6 years from Japanese to English. I had to leave the country. I miss my old Job. I know Spanish. Conozco espanol.