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boyBaconMonday 24th of May 2004 04:52:39 AM
Writing a postcard to Poland - Hi all, I'm new here. I am trying to write a postcard to a friend in Poland and want to say the Polish equivalent of "wish you were here"... any ideas? I tried transalting it with and it gave me "Zycza was byc tutaj" but that is just a word by word translation and I'm not sure that it carries the same meaning. Any help would be great. Thanks.
HanaSaturday 29th of May 2004 03:51:22 AM
Postcard - Well generally that's not a good translation.. If I got a card with "Zycza was byc tutaj" I wouldn't understand (and one has to know that I'm a native speaker of Polish:D) So a Polish equivalent is: "Szkoda, ze Ciebie tutaj nie ma" If I were to translate it into English in an exact way it would be: "What a pity, that you are not here.." And it's more likely to write sth like this on a postcard than "Chcialbym zebys tu byl/byla"(the first "byl" is when writing to a man, the second "byla" to a woman).. And this fraze is more likely to be the exact translation of 'wish you were here'.. Just chose one of them but in my humble opinion I think the first one is better..

Take care,