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La PluieMonday 20th of December 2004 08:02:30 AM
Kenya yetu - I don't much about Kenya yet, but it seems like a wonderful country. And just this year, a million new students have showed up at school thanks to the removal of the price! I wonder how they find the teachers for this... I want to learn Swahili so I can go teach there someday, but I don't know if I could ever learn enough Swahili to teach. I would teach English probably... Really, anything I could. But I'm probably just dreaming...

Anyone want to discuss Kenya with me? Is it a peaceful country? It seems to be...
et249Tuesday 01st of February 2005 12:00:29 AM
kenya - kenya is amazing - a really wonderful place. i am trying to learn swahilli too :-)
jifunsaMonday 14th of February 2005 05:06:48 AM
kenya - im from kenya. holla at me people.
twendenatimeMonday 07th of March 2005 06:10:53 AM
hmmmm! - Funny how a person who was raised and grew up in the US and doesn't even speak Swahili wants to help out people who are interested in Kenya.
Anyway, I lived in Kenya for three years (originally from Tanzania) and I have to say it is a nice country, no doubt on that. Learning Swahili might be of help but not for sure. Be flexible and open for new things, might need that more. The coastal areas speak Swahili, when you move further to the inland they speak less Swahili and more other languages (kukuyu, Luo ...). I lived in a house where they had four workers and the first few days I thought they didn't like each other because they didn't talk to each other. But then I found out, that they didn't have a common language, they spoke both very poor Swahili and just a few words English and other languages. Funny and sad that people living in the same country don't communicate because they lack a common language. Yes some speak English but that is such a small amount of people, besides the ones who speak English are rearelly the ones who need any help. And Swahili isn't such a hard language, you just have to want to learn it. See, things are pronounced the way they are written and the grammatik is very easy. My mother is originally not from Tanzania (she is European) and she moved to Tanzania when she was over 20 and yet she managed to learn Swahili, she is actually a teacher as well and taught in a public school for over 15 years and she taught most of the times in Swahili. Because it makes little sense to teach them in English if they can't understand you. I would say, Swahili is a language that you can learn no matter how old and how young you are. It is a pretty new language which means it is still developing and has alot of words from other languages (Arabic, German, English ...) which means alot of words you could tell what they mean. Here a small test, tell me what the following words mean (pronounce them the way they are written).
and a whole lot more. My brother-in-law is Arabic and he learnd Swahili pretty fast as well because he knew alot of words from the Arabic language. And the best part, unlike German, English, French, and Spanish we write just a few things in capital letters, so the writing will be easy to learn. Names (peoples names) are written in capital letters, countries as well and a few other things but all animals and languages and nouns (unlike German) are all written in small letters. Wish you luck. Kilalaheri!
hakupendaSunday 03rd of April 2005 12:39:15 AM
swahili - Hi evryones

i really want to learn the swahili and if someone can help me for that please give me a sign!!!

MwangyWednesday 13th of April 2005 06:36:18 PM
- Ya, swahili is just one of the simplest languages to learn. In Kenya its widely spoken though not like in Tanzania where swahili is the official language.
IcatjamThursday 19th of May 2005 04:03:26 PM
learning swahili!!!!! - I have just joined this site today and did not take in exactly what i was joining... i thought i would have access to Swahili phrases etc to learn but cant find a thing...
It seems i need to find someone who is going to correspond with me in order to learn the language... or am i mistaken?
I have visited the Mombasa area 3 times in the last 16 months and I love the people I have met there.. I went originally to meet a friends family and fell in love with the place . Obviously, this is why I wish to learn the language.Being a natural English speaker it is too easy in this world to visit almost anywhere and find English spoken... makes us lazy..haha but i am determined to learn.
Bye for now
Take care all and keep smiling
ronniepopsSunday 12th of June 2005 10:43:51 PM
Need to learn swahili quick - Hello guys, i am a new member at this site and i need to learn swahili so much and in a quick time. i am intending on going to Dar-es-salaam to meet a friend's family. i need to know swahili since they dont speak english.

can someone here please help me to learn the language. i highly appreciate it

Asante sana
Ronnie Pops