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mohamed_am83Tuesday 17th of August 2004 02:38:39 AM
Ay Khedma? (Any Help?) - hi

any question, any help are welcome here. feel free to ask any question about egyptian language.


MaryamTuesday 17th of August 2004 09:33:08 AM
- I will reply the egyptian way:

Mish a'aiza haga dilwa'ti, shukran :-)

Well I know I will in a near future.
Best regards.
mohamed_am83Tuesday 17th of August 2004 11:40:26 PM
al a'fw - you are welcome , but i think u can help me here rather than learn, your level is good , or in egyptian :
" enti keda myy-ya mey-ya bissala 'alannaby "

MaryamTuesday 17th of August 2004 11:44:22 PM
- Ana atkallam el a'arabi miya-miya? Begad?? Ya rabb, ana mabsoota keteer, ya sadeeqee...

[quote]Originally posted by mohamed_am83

you are welcome , but i think u can help me here rather than learn, your level is good , or in egyptian :
" enti keda myy-ya mey-ya bissala 'alannaby "

regards [/quote]
NanashiTuesday 24th of August 2004 09:53:04 PM
Looking to learn ^^ - Hello, and thank you for replying on my request for help. I really dont know much about the language at all, and would love to learn how the grammatical structure works. (Ie: placement of the verbs, nouns, subjects, etc) Also any sort of book reference would be lovely so i dont waste much of your time! Thank you again for your time, i hope to learn ^^
mohamed_am83Wednesday 25th of August 2004 02:27:59 AM
soon - hi Nanashi

i'll be glad to help u , but i'm really busy right now.
i think i will be free after one week. i'm planning to give some simple (yet integrated) lessons here in this discuss whenever i get time to do so. just hold on.
about online books , in fact i don't know any good one unfortunately.
by the way, if u want interactive help from me, my msn messenger account is in my profile, feel free to use it. regards.
rayzerqweenThursday 26th of August 2004 09:14:24 AM
need basic egyptian help - can you please give me some basic phrases and their pronunciation, please?
mohamed_am83Friday 27th of August 2004 01:28:38 AM
check this -

plz check this discuss for several useful words and phrases :

more words and phrases will be available soon (ALLAH willing)

mohamed_am83Wednesday 01st of September 2004 02:42:34 AM
Lesson 0 is now available - Salamu alykom,
Lesson 0 is now available on this link :


i'm working in the rest of lessons. your feedback is vital and deeply appreciated.
mohamed_am83Monday 13th of September 2004 01:37:20 AM
Lessons 0,1 are available - ahlan

Lessons 0,1 are available now at :

your feedback is deeply appreciated

lulu4714Friday 05th of November 2004 09:17:05 PM
help me - Can anyone help me learn the Egyptian language?? I have no reason for wanting to learn it other than I think it is such a cool language and really want to! Any phrases or help would be much appreciated!
mohamed_am83Saturday 06th of November 2004 05:11:47 AM
Hi Lulu - welcome to Egyptian discuss :)
i will be glad to help u in egyptian, i recommend reading the egyptian lessons at
let me know how i can help you.
runningsportscanThursday 02nd of December 2004 09:54:10 AM
Wanting to lean - I was wondering if anyone would like to help me learn Egyptain? I went to and that really good. I like how it was done.

morprussellThursday 10th of February 2005 12:06:14 PM
- mohamed_am83, Thanks for creating the lessons.
mohamed_am83Thursday 10th of February 2005 03:44:52 PM
:) - Most Welcome, thanks for feedback and any further questions are welcome. regards.
super9xmanFriday 08th of April 2005 10:15:13 AM
hi - hi all the links posted above don't work.. I really want to learn some basic egyption phrases.
JarkoSaturday 04th of June 2005 05:39:39 PM
- Shokran, Mohamed!

I knew nothing about egyptian language and I'm really starting to understand! :) I find those lessons very helpful! Would you please make the following ones? I'm enjoying it very much.

mohamed_am83Tuesday 07th of June 2005 02:38:27 PM
Shokran Jarko - Thanks for the nice feedback :) I will do my best to create more lessons by the end of June ...
stay tuned , salam
cowboy682Wednesday 15th of June 2005 01:49:51 AM
Ay Khedma? (Any Help?) - i have just returned from a fantastic hoilday at the KAHRAMANA HOTEL SHEARM EL SHIKH and looking to return in december of this year, check out your fantastic site and looking forward to your next lesson i would love to learn more so ican speak to all the great friends i met there,
good luck with your site
mohamed_am83Thursday 30th of June 2005 04:32:24 PM
New Lessons Added - salam All,
Lesson 2, 3 were added to the website Lesson2 Lesson3


cowboy682, Jarko and morprussell : SHOKRAN for your positive feedback, it gave me enthusiasm to allocate time for making new lessons ... stay tuned for more lessons inshaAllah:)

SDCrippsTuesday 05th of July 2005 03:17:15 AM
- << a few words there