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clmathewTuesday 29th of March 2005 02:12:20 AM
Hello everyone, learning Egyptian Arabic - Hello everyone,

I've been reading the messages here and wanted to say hello. I'm an American woman learning to read and write Arabic, and I'm listening to Egyptian Arabic tapes for conversation. I am an English teacher, and many of my students speak some Arabic. I'm hoping that I will be able to communicate with my students. I also think that learning new languages makes me a better teacher.

I haven't figured out how to write Arabic characters on my computer, but I will in the future. I use a Mac. I'd love to talk to anyone about learning Arabic, and would like to practice with someone, though I can't type the Arabic characters yet.

I'm happy to work with you on English, so contact me if you're interested in trading Arabic and English.

One link that I like is a free flashcard program that uses transliterated Arabic. It comes for Mac and Windows machines, and has some basic lists in Arabic. I'd love to know what an Arabic speaker thinks of the program's pronunciation. The program is available in lots of languages, and also comes in a version that costs money that has more words available in it.

Take care,
cl mathew
Atlanta, Georgia, USA