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loopyloopySaturday 19th of March 2005 10:30:27 PM
help me please - hi there can anyone out there teach me some egyptian arabic pleas
mohamed_am83Sunday 20th of March 2005 01:03:21 AM
Welcome - Welcome to Phrasebase, First. please have a look first at the 2 lessons available here:
You can always message me for any help, Regards.

loopyloopySunday 20th of March 2005 05:53:46 PM
lessons - thanks mohammed,,does the (p) in the lessons mean plural,,and m is for male and f is for female is that were do i go from these lessons mohammed
mohamed_am83Sunday 20th of March 2005 06:41:47 PM
- yes, P. for plural and M. for Msculine and F. for Feminie right :)
well, what to do next, actually i'm planning to add other 8 lessons but i'm quite busy those days ... until then, i will be glad to give Phrases of the phrases u like to know at this discuss :
i think if u can learn about 5 phrases every day u will be great in months :)
I will be checking the discuss daily for answering questions, i will be thankful if tell me any suggestions about what i can do to help Egyptian language students.
Reagrds, Mohamed