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a3soulSunday 23rd of May 2004 05:56:09 PM
like to learn egyptian - i just want to know the basic like hello, how r u? u look nice today or tonite?

if anyone can help me that be great, thanks
Monday 24th of May 2004 02:26:47 PM
egyptian - egyptian is really arabic.

Hello/Welcom= Ahlan/Ahlan wa sahlan
How are you = kaef halak? (masculine), kaef halek? (female)
Sabah-annur = Good Morning
Masah annur = Good Evening
mohamed_am83Saturday 07th of August 2004 09:42:51 AM
sorry for late reply - hi

sorry for late reply but i just saw your discuss.
you can find several egyptian phrases in a discuss labeled "simple egyptian" in this page.


if u want more phrases, u can tell me.