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romio112Thursday 16th of December 2004 07:20:17 PM
offering some help - hi every one .
my name is sherif i'm egyptian , i'm new here but i like this site realy it offer agreat information and aviable for every one. so coz i like this site i'm offering something i'm not to bad on english so i can help u on learning arabic if u need anyhelp. that dosen't mean that i don't think that u rn't doing a great job over there no i realy think u do but if u need some one who can help and realy wanna help u will find me. any way that is just like saying hello ppl and ahln mohamed e7na masryeen zy ba3d ensfny rbna yensfk ;). bye all
AutumnThursday 16th of December 2004 07:40:56 PM
- sent you a PM ;)