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geronimoWednesday 04th of August 2004 07:57:34 AM
simple egyptian - I am about to holiday in the Sinai. Can anyone help with basic communications to help me be polite, please?
mohamed_am83Wednesday 04th of August 2004 09:45:42 AM
Welcome to Egypt - hi,
Marlo from Egypt welcomes you and hope you a nice holiday :)
here are some common egyptian phrases :

* Yes : "AH"
* No : "LA"
* Welcome : "AHLAN" or "MARHABA"
* when you want to talk about something around you, just point at it and say : "DA" = this
* the generic greeting to every body at all times : "SALAMO ALYKOM" = piece for you.
* to ask about the price of any thing, point at it and say : "BEKAM DA?" = how much is this ?
* if the price is too much, say : "la, keteer" = no, too much.
* give me :
"HAT" (when talking to males)
"HATI" (when talking to females)
* i am english :
* bye : "SALAM"
* I : "ANA"
* you :
"ENTA" (for males)
"ENTI" (for females)

mmm, that's all what i thought about. if you want more phrases, tell me about them.
(u can contact me personally from any contact given in my profile)
have a nice time.

yours, Marlo
MaryamThursday 05th of August 2004 03:57:32 AM
THANKS - Thanks would be Shukran (shookran)
and the answer is Afwan (not at all)
mohamed_am83Saturday 07th of August 2004 09:59:27 AM
another 2 important words -
sorry : "AA-SIFF"
never mind : "WALA YEHEM MAK"
geronimoMonday 09th of August 2004 01:23:40 PM
many thanks - thanks for your help.
How would I say "please", "goodbye"
"I am sorry" "I do not understand"

mohamed_am83Tuesday 10th of August 2004 12:19:33 PM
more words - please = "Min Fadlik" or "LW SAMAHT"
goodybye = "SALAM" or simply "BYE"
i don't understand = "LA AFHAM".