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spring07Sunday 31st of October 2004 09:23:32 AM
English swear words:) - I'd love to know English swear words. This is because I have heard a lot of words in public I guess offensive but I do not understand their meanings and usage. Can anyone show me? Thanks a lot!
AnyaSunday 31st of October 2004 09:29:27 AM
- Hello Spring,
If you can type the words that you've heard (even approximate spelling).. we will try to help you.

In my humble opinion, swear words are just filler that don't carry any meaning, so I don't use them, but it is true that they are used pervasively in society (and unfortunately necessitate at least a little understanding). sigh*
orderinchaos78Friday 24th of December 2004 07:18:58 PM
- I actually know some people who use them (in particular a certain word starting with "f") in the same way people use "um", "er" or "like".
Jeremy87Monday 03rd of January 2005 11:08:18 AM
- well i'll start with some of less vulgar words...

damn is a word that means to something similar to condemn. In vulgar word use it can express anger about something
Damn! the stupid thing won't work

or it can be like an expression of surprise
damn, that's nice!

Also used for emphasizing the fact that the noun is stupid
The damn thing won't work

also used in a sentence like "damn you" which is like saying "i hate you at this moment". Can be used sarcastically too.

hell, the place we all know of as the firey lake.. the word is used like to express surprise.. "What the hell?!", or "what the hell is happening?!" or "what the hell did you do?!" you can even use it with damn "Damn you to hell!" a little stronger than just "damn you".

Now to Ass. Literally a donkey. In english slang it's used like "butt". "That girl has a nice ass!". The word also can be used for calling someone an idiot, crude, irritating person. "That guy is an ass".

That concludes this lesson of English swear words, thank you for taking the time to read this.
AimsterMonday 03rd of January 2005 01:44:03 PM
english swear words? - actually i'm great in this area... i would post all the words i know and their meanings, but i perfer that you PM me and i'll send them to you because i rather not use such profanity out in the open
jrickertFriday 04th of February 2005 11:11:20 AM
- Swearing is the inferior mind trying to express himself forcefully...

Hey Jeremy87 Im learning Romanian to. If I were any good at it this message actually might have had some.
CarameliciousSaturday 05th of February 2005 07:29:04 AM
- hi, I am AaRon, I am a native english speaker. I will get to the down and dirty lol. Please beware that this is a very vulgar post (Not intentionally)

First word-

Shit - People use this word for almost everything lol
That's the shit - That is good
I have to shit - I need to make a... bowel movement.
Shit hell no - Shit here is used for emphisis

Next word - Hell
Hell - A bad place to go!

Hell naw - Used for emphisis - NO!
Go to hell - Leave me alone, buzz off, go away

The worst word Fuck
Fuck off - Go away
MotherFUCKER - A bad thing to call someone
Fuck You - Another Bad expression
Fuck this shit - This is dumb

Next word Ass
Ass commonly refers to ones rear end
She has a big ass - She has a big rear end
Your face looks like an ass - You are ugly
Asshole - A bad name to call someone

Bastard (less vuglar yet still bad to say)
Bastard by defintion is someone born out of wedlock, but we commonly use it for everything but that lol

You are a Bastard - You are (something negitive)

Next word Damn
Damn is just a common curse / cuss word
used mostly for emphises on things

Damn that looks bad - That looks really bad.

Bitch - A bad word to call a female... or a male for that matter.

She is a bitch - She is very mean

Combining cuss words for the ultimate worse effect

Damn, Bitch your face looks fucked up !
Wow your face looks bad

Motherfucker, you are a shit eating bastard
Dummy, you are a fecies eating person

Please note: Using curse words is in a way offencive to some people. Use these words carefully or not at all!

mattieThursday 24th of March 2005 12:51:50 PM
- The word Bitch also means a female dog. :D

Example: The bitch just had a litter of puppies.

You see, this word isn't all bad!
CarameliciousThursday 24th of March 2005 06:03:38 PM
- Very very very true mattie. Some bad words have "evolved" from other words that in the past were not harmless. Like the F*** word. It first came from when people would tell horrible lies and then their punishment would be to be put in a wooden cage with metal bars and paraded throughout the town and to be humiliated. The word "F*CK" was painted on the front of this "cage" and it stood for
F = For
U = Unlawfully
C = Credited
K = Knowledge

I believe... and people would scream the word at the tops of their lungs and throw food and things at the person...
Unfortunately people don't use bad words in a good way.
applepie1254Monday 25th of April 2005 07:29:47 AM
funny definition - A humorous animation which explains more about the " F " word :