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Phuong_Hoang05Saturday 29th of January 2005 01:08:53 PM
Tsunami's - here is where you can post your thoughts and ideas to raise or donate money to the Tsunami victims' in Southeast Asia.
bennylinMonday 07th of February 2005 08:41:42 PM
- Why don't start with you :>
well, since i'm the first to reply, IMHO raising money for helping the victims is a paradox. What I mean is, in one side, we want to helping the people who lost their houses, money, and don't forget their families, to keep them survive. On another hand, it's a public secret that countries like... let say Indonesia, my country - is very corrupt and how do we know that if we raise money and send them to the goverment it will safely distributed to those people? do you want your money eventually enter the corruptor's pocket instead the victims mouth (I mean to buy some food for them)?

How about another countries?
UlvenTuesday 08th of February 2005 12:07:02 AM
- If you find the right organization, one with international credibility that the government can't easily take advantage of, eg. the French "Medicins Sans Frontieres" (Doctors Without Borders), then it can be alot safer and more likely that your donations will get to the right place. If it is an indepedant company that has newly been formed, then I agree, the government will easily tax all the money somehow, if not just steal it outright without even needing to disguise the theft in tax policies.
It is sad that we can't trust that all of our donations will reach the right place. But one arguement suggests that even if 50% of the donations get through correctly, it is still a success that half of your donation made it to the victims. But, I honestly don't know which organizations use the donations wisely and honestly, nor to what degree. There are alot of administration costs that charities have to take care of, too. But that's honest. Not every cent can reach the victims unless the organization funds its own existence along the way.
All we can do is use common sense in deciding which charities to fund. Honesty alone should be enough, but it isn't. Influence and expertise is needed too, for a charity to successfully get the funds to where they need to be.