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samorostFriday 29th of April 2005 08:17:35 AM
another eesti keel wannabe - hey everyone

i just signed in, and am happy to find such a warm and welcoming community. i'm french and costa rican, i currently live in costa rica.

at the beginning of this year i met someone who made me very excited about learning estonian. i'd like to know my way around. i just said to her "ma tahaksin eesti keelt rääkida" and she answered back "sa räägidki eesti keelt ju" (then learn to speak estonian"?).

i can give webcam with audio courses. and not only languages, but i can also teach a few things about music making with a DAW (digital audio workstation).


keaFriday 29th of April 2005 02:28:25 PM
- Tere, tere!
You are welcome to ask help from any Estonian here at phrasebase, so don't be afraid to send one (or more than one) of us a message for help! :D
Good luck!~Õnn kaasa!

sa räägidki eesti keelt ju = but you are speaking Estonian
(I didn't understand really if you were asking the translation of her answer but I just put it here in case you were :) )
Helen FlemingFriday 29th of April 2005 03:14:44 PM
Tere, samorost! - Ah! I love it when Estonian girls promote Estonian for me! You told the girl: "I would like to speak Estonian," and she, in perfect spoken Estonian, answered just as Kea translated: "Why, you are speaking Estonian." (Grammatically correct version of it would be 'sa ju räägidki eesti keelt'.) So you won't need my help after all as you already know the ropes :) but if there is anything that has remained a mystery, don't be shy to let me know. I don't have a webcam, but I surely can give audio lessons.


samorostFriday 29th of April 2005 03:28:49 PM
- hahaha!! nice one. she's quicker than the wit, and she got me too fast.

"but you are speaking estonian!
- well of course i am!"

this language is so different than the other ones i've learned, that it gives me this feeling from when i was 10 months old and did my first steps, so afraid of falling and having the score mark: floor 1, samorost 0.


cool. my msn is shiva731@hotmail.

is there a place where i can find basic courses? i know that asking for something like that to be for free is too much, but maybe someone knows a trick or two to get around it ;)

Helen FlemingFriday 29th of April 2005 05:23:58 PM
samorost, - I agree that Estonian differs from many other languages. It has no articles, no gender, no prepositions, and no aspects of verb. The pronunciation is entirely phonetical, word order is flexible and we only have four tenses. It beats me why the learners are glad about it!

I'm afraid that the best you can do about the free basic courses is to check out the links already posted here by members of PhraseBase. Unfortunately, there aren't many Estonian resources on the Net.

keaFriday 29th of April 2005 07:42:35 PM
- I have some materials for beginners in Estonian that I used to teach my Dutch friend. So if you or anybody else needs materials to learn Estonian from the scrach then I can e-mail them ;)
samorostMonday 02nd of May 2005 04:32:09 AM
- thank you so much! :)

i would love to be e-mailed the stuff you have, kea. my e-mail is

helen: thank you for contacting me online and teaching me a few basic things :)

my offer for teaching spanish, german and italian is still on foot ;)