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NeilThursday 24th of March 2005 05:09:46 AM
Estonia - Hi!
Can anyone tell me what I should go and see if I came to Estonia?
keaThursday 24th of March 2005 02:51:02 PM
- Hmm... It depends also on how long you are planning to spend in Estonia. If just a weekend then staying in Tallinn is nice already, just to walk in the old town and maybe some parks we have. But if you come for longer than a weekend then I suggest to start with Tallinn and then go looking around in other places. I think Estonia is not really the country to go to if you like towns and cities but it is a place to come for nature, especially in summer. There are some nice nature parks with bogs and lots of woods, nice for camping. Then the western islands are very cute. South Estonia is also very beautiful, there is lots to do even in winter.
Most tourists read guide books and then decide to go to either Pärnu or Tartu after Tallinn, but I think that a small town called Viljandi is much nicer, very cute and pretty with cool castle ruins and the best music festival in Estonia in the end of July.
But in Estonia it is the best to have your own transport, either car or a bike because the public transport is not very good and reliable.
KuradiLammasThursday 24th of March 2005 07:11:48 PM
Estonia - Last year, i was there in Estonia and i have been in towns Tallinn, Pärnu, Saaremaa and Vilsandi. I can say that for a Turk, there is an exotic country with its diffrent people and culture.

In the places where i have seen, Tallinn was the biggest town with its 640,000 people and other places were very small and silent.

And other thing i have seen is that Estonians are really very kind to foreign people. Despite many of them has bored from Finnish people who just go there for shopping and driking cheap alcholl.

Other bigger town Pärnu can be charming for any tourist for summers because of the sandy beach of there.

But as kea said, it depends on what you are looking for.
tmoonMonday 28th of March 2005 07:21:38 PM
- I'm currently sitting in an internet café in Pärnu, on my holidays here in Estonia for two weeks :D...

So far I've been to many places - spent one night in Tallinn, then three nights in Kohtla-Järve and then one night here in Pärnu (I have about eight or nine days left here).

Tallinn is beautiful. Go there and spend at least two days. Tartu is cool as well. I've also seen Narva, Jõhvi and a few other places. A lot of the north coast is worth seeing, there are some beautiful areas (especially now and during the next two months when the snow starts to melt and the sea starts to unfreeze itself).