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tmoonSaturday 06th of November 2004 11:30:22 AM
Estonian exchange partner please? - Hello everyone, my name's Tom.

I'm going to visit a friend in Estonia in Easter next year, and I'd like to pick up a bit of the basics of the language before I go.

Could anyone help me out here please? I'm English and speak it fluently, so I could give return lessons in it if you like. I also know enough Dutch and German to teach, plus I used to study French and Spanish but can't speak them that well anymore...

...about me? I'm a 19-year-old student at university (studying German, Dutch, Swedish) in Sheffield, England, but I live on the Isle of Man, I'm into anything music-related - playing, composing and listening (esp live gigs), do some sports, spend most of my spare time travelling to new places, I'm a typical male student I guess :)...

...reply to this text or drop a private message if you can help out with my Estonian and I'll see what I can do for you in return. Thanks! ~tom