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samorostFriday 20th of May 2005 04:32:39 PM
estonian resources - hi!

i've been interested in estonian for a while, and have read a few documents that kea and helen helped me with (thank you so much, both of you!)

recently, i've been trying to write a few sentences in estonian to send out to someone, and i came across the following resources that can be very helpful to any eesti kelt õpilane.

note that these might have already been posted by someone else. but if they've been re-posted, it must mean they're pretty good, eh? ;)

Estonian Language - brief lessons

Learn Estonian Home Page
>> here are some very useful resources. there is a complete estonian verb list, each with its basic tenses, as well as many other pages that can prove very useful.

good learning!
MuhvuestFriday 20th of May 2005 04:41:19 PM
Hi samorost... - You had small mistakes writing " any eesti kelt õpilane..".
Here is the correction "... to any eesti keele õppijale.." or " any eesti keele õpilasele.."
In estonian we use more the first version.