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fedebgWednesday 11th of May 2005 12:56:00 AM
Help with Estonian - Tere! I'm a new member and I'm here to learn Estonian! I have been in this wonderful country 3 times in the last 6 months (Tallinn, Tartu, Oteepa, Viljandi) and I'm in love with an Estonian girl from Rongu. Really need to learn!
Thanx for everybody that will help me!

tmoonWednesday 11th of May 2005 06:23:55 AM
- Ciao Fede! Estonia is a great place, isn't it? I went for the first time a few weeks ago (over Easter) and I'm hoping to go back and work there in Pärnu this summer. Do you already speak some Estonian? I'm not very good at it yet so I can't teach you... but if you see me in the Classroomroom, give me a "Tere" and I'll gladly practice with you :D!

See you soon!
Helen FlemingWednesday 11th of May 2005 08:08:29 AM
Tere! - Greetings to the speaker of another beautiful language! The Estonians in PhraseBase are happy to help you. You are welcome to get in line at Kea's to ask for her basic Estonian course materials, and you can turn to me anytime as well. Hope to see you posting to the Estonian discuss, and I look forward to getting to know you.
fedebgWednesday 11th of May 2005 04:22:37 PM
- Thanx to everybody! Hey tmoon is it easy to find a job in Parnu during summer? It would be great to find a job there! It would be great to find a job in Viljandi as well. There is something magic in that town, expec. on the lake. Anyway if I come this summer I will be very happy to meet everybody!
keaWednesday 11th of May 2005 10:41:03 PM
- If Viljandi is a place you liked then you have to visit the Viljandi folk music festival, I personally think that this is the best music event in Estonia. It is in the last weekend of July every year for 4 days ;)
fedebgThursday 12th of May 2005 02:29:41 PM
- Yes I know something about the folk music festival... maybe this summer I will come. My plans are to stay for a month in Estonia but I'll be sure of that next week.
tmoonThursday 12th of May 2005 05:45:02 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by fedebg
Hey tmoon is it easy to find a job in Parnu during summer?[/quote]It's easy if you have the right contacts ;)...

...yeah, Viljandi's nice, been there once and liked it a lot.