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JadokesaSaturday 01st of January 2005 09:41:39 PM
Pronunciation question - I am unsure of the pronunciation of ü. Does it sound more like [url=]the Swedish u[/url] or [url=]the Swedish y[/url]? My book says it is a bit like the Swedish u, but I have heard both u and y. I would be thankful if a fluent speaker of Estonian could clear this up for me.
Helen FlemingSunday 02nd of January 2005 07:06:22 AM
- Well, it sounds more like y to my ear. The Estonian letter Ü is pronounced like the Finnish y in the word lyhyt, the French u in the word nul and the German ü in the word Mütze. There's no sound like it in English, even in borrowed words. It's kind of a cross between u and ee sounds, or oo and ee (thank you, Tom, for the description).

Listen to the sound of Ü [url=]here[/url].