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mtoomSaturday 22nd of January 2005 07:50:13 PM
Want to learn estonian - Hey, I am a university student from Canada. My father is Estonian but he moved to Canada at a young age and never knew the language. My mother is British and I was born and raised in a commonwealth country; thus I am fluent in English. As of recently, I am in love with an unbelievably beautiful Estonian girl. I want to learn Estonian so that I can speak it with her. I would be willing to teach English or German; I speak the latter to a conversational level. My English is university-level.

Thanks!! Please contact me via Skype or through email.
Helen FlemingSunday 23rd of January 2005 12:21:54 AM
Tere tulemast, mtoom! - You have similar username to tmoon, another student of Estonian and a good friend of mine. I have to be careful not to confuse you two. If there is an unbelievably beautiful girl involved, I am bound to help you. I see you already know some basics; please tell me what you need help with and I'll look what I can do for you. You already have some Estonian blood in you, so I have no doubt that you'll speak Estonian in no time.
mtoomMonday 24th of January 2005 11:15:11 AM
Haha - I truly appreciate the enthusiastic and humorful reply. I am fluent in English and I speak German to a near fluent level. I also have 6 years of high-school level French. I am intensely interested in languages...

I dated a German girl for 3 years and learned her language as a result of that relationship.

I have always wanted to learn Estonian since it's the language of my father; my mom was born in England and my living in Canada ensured that I knew English. Moreover, English is a very practically useful language and I feared that if I had learned Estonian I would never have anyone to speak it with besides my grandmother. Now, I have a reason to learn it.

I have been getting started by ordering what I could find in the way of educational resources. I will post some questions soon.

Thanks for the enthusiastic welcome; if you know of any Estonian student seeking council with English I am not only fluent, but I have university-level English schooling and I would be pleased to help.
JerTuesday 25th of January 2005 09:08:36 AM
Estonian Language, - Tere Mtoom,

I am also a person wanting to learn Estonian language, but I find it very difficult for me because I am in my 60's, so with you being young, you have no problems.

I am married to an Estonian lady whom is also a teacher from the town of Parnu for 21 years, but she refuses to help me learn the language, which makes it defeating for me, but I refuse to give up, I will teach my self. But I would like to pass on to you some very good helping points I've found and it may help[ you also.

I have look many web sites for studties, programs, book, Etc.. I have found one that really helped. This is a book store located in USA,, once on their site, go to search and type in Estonian textbooks, They have many items for your needs.

With my age againist me, leasrning is hard, but these are the items I have obtained and getting I think good help.

1. Colloquial Estonian, by Christopher Mosley (2 CD-Rom, The comlete Course for beginner. "Very good".

2. Estonian TextBook, Grammer, Exercises and Conversation, Volume: 150, By: Juhan Tuldava.

3. Talk Now, learn estonian, By: EuroTalk, (Cd-Rom)

4. You can search the Univerity of Washington, Seattle, WA. There is a on line classes that are giving by a Lady, Her name: Mall, that came from I think Tartu, Estonia. Who started teaching in about August of 2003. It was free and there was many students from around the world there for you to learn with.

I spent almost 5 months in Parnu Estonia in 2003, and this country really took a part of my heart, I loved it there and it's people. After being there I have found to have a profound love and respect for the United State and knowing now we all take so much for granted on how well off we have in North America.

If I can help any, please contact,
keaTuesday 25th of January 2005 02:30:50 PM
- I am teaching Estonian to my Dutch friend at the moment and he also uses Colloquial Estonian, by Christopher Mosley. he thinks it is very good too but still it has helped a lot to have an Estonian close to ask things from. Especially to explain the cases a bit. So if you guys are using this book then feel free to ask questions any time from me or any other Estonian here.
JadokesaTuesday 25th of January 2005 09:26:01 PM
- The Estonian Textbook by Juhan Tuldava is really good. I use the Swedish version (the original language of it is Swedish), and it is so helpful. I was lucky that my library had it, as I can't find the Swedish anywhere.