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madlike14Tuesday 26th of October 2004 12:59:52 PM
Want to learn are just some basics... - is a site to help you to start...
And of course you can always ask my help!
battakappuTuesday 26th of October 2004 02:55:45 PM
- That's a cool link.. I never realized just HOW similar Estonian and Finnish were.. I looked at the numbers for example and jeesh..

# estonian / finnish

0 null / nolla
1 üks / yksi
2 kaks / kaksi
3 kolm / kolme
4 neli / neljä
5 viis / viisi
6 kuus / kuusi
7 seitse / seitsemän
8 kaheksa / kahdeksan
9 üheksa / yhdeksän
10 kümme / kymmenen

!! See?
StuMWednesday 27th of October 2004 03:21:58 AM
- I am interested in learning some Estonian. I have just visited Tallinn last week and thought that it was a very beautiful place. I would be interested in learning more...
madlike14Wednesday 27th of October 2004 10:20:18 AM
thnx.... - hey!..thanx for your replies=)..yeah..i guess estonian and finnish are quite similar....
madlike14Wednesday 27th of October 2004 10:21:45 AM
- yes...tallinn is a beautyful city! You should come back here sometimes=)