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DreamgirlSaturday 12th of March 2005 08:53:06 PM
Wanting to learn - What would you (as native speakers, or someone who speaks Estonian as a second/third language) recommend for someone who is trying to learn?
I have no background - I'm clueless. Where do I start?
Helen FlemingSunday 13th of March 2005 08:56:41 AM
Hi Dreamgirl, - You could start with learning some [url=]simple phrases[/url] first. You can find some of them in the Phrases section. Please set your right flag to Estonian and your Display Mode to either Script or Script Bold to be able to see all Estonian letters properly. After you have learned some, you might want to talk to our Estonian learners and native speakers in the Classroom room. If you use MSN Messenger or Skype, I am glad to add you to my contact list to guide and help you.