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madlike14Monday 13th of September 2004 02:12:17 AM
You can always ask my help - Hi!I'm from estonia and if you want to learn estonian or just need some help then you can mail me and tell...i'd be glad to help!Or if you can speak portuguese then maybe you can teach me some too;D
ajnabeeWednesday 20th of October 2004 12:43:02 PM
Vanilla Ninja - Hi! I was wondering if you could see how much the Vanilla Ninja CD would be... (the first album, NOT Traces of Sadness)...if you can find it, I will gladly send you money for it.
Helen FlemingSaturday 23rd of October 2004 12:47:26 AM
- Do you mean the album "Vanilla Ninja" released in Estonia in May 2003? It costs about 200 EEK :)
madlike14Saturday 23rd of October 2004 02:32:07 AM
- are you two some vanilla ninja fans?
Primus21Saturday 19th of March 2005 09:20:30 PM
Hi! - I hope you read this... I want to learn esti badly and im asking my selfe if you can help me with that. Hope to hear from you!