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amanhyMonday 21st of March 2005 08:11:16 PM
persian! - Hello!
I'm trying to learn afghani....
Does anyone know a good website where i can learn?
that would be great!
Paul8Sunday 27th of March 2005 09:32:23 AM
- Just so you can be aware Persian is not Afghani. Pashto is Afghani and there are no sites AT ALL that can teach it because the language hasn'e event been standardized. It's taking so long because only 5% of the population in Afghanistan can even read, and depending on which area of Afghanistan you go to, there is a slightly different dialect and each group claims that theirs is the correct way.
amanhySunday 27th of March 2005 07:30:32 PM
- thank you for explaing because i diddn't understand.
in kabul ?