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MahmutTuesday 29th of March 2005 02:22:06 AM
Translate - Hey

could anybody translate this for me? i mean in to farsi off course :)

She loves me

You love him

thank you...

javad2000Friday 08th of April 2005 01:44:54 AM
This is the translation - Note:
ae is cAt
a is cAr
1-She loves me:

-'u asheghe maen aest.

or the slang form is:
-'u asheghe maene.

You can also say:
-'u maen ra dust daraed
-'u maera dust daraed. (maera= maen ra)

or the slang form is:
- 'u maeno dus dare.

-'u dusaem dare.

2- You love him:
-to asheghe 'u haesti.

or in slang:
-to asheghesh haessi.
-to ashegheshi.

You can also say:
- to 'u ra dust dari.
- to dustaesh dari.

or in slang:
- to dusesh dari.

I told you all of the different forms, because I know that sometimes, the specific translation I give you, is not the exact thing you want, and you feel that it's not too easy for you to use this kind of sentence formation. So, now, you can use any of the formations you like. All of them are quite correct.
Hope I didn't make you confused.
MahmutFriday 08th of April 2005 08:17:49 PM
vc - Hey.. thanks for the translation! i just have one more question...

how do you say... "i love Sahar" in slang

is it Saharo dust dāram? or am i wrong?
javad2000Sunday 10th of April 2005 10:43:00 PM
- Yes!
The slang form is:
Saharo dust dāram
Saharo dus dāram.
man Saharo dus dāram.