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Friday 09th of April 2004 06:40:43 AM
Want to lears farsi - I want to learn farsi..Somebody help me
BarbieSaturday 24th of April 2004 01:44:01 PM
farsi help - I can help you to learn Farsi, AIM = XoBabeAshleyoX YIM= Yeahimabarbiejustnotyours MSN= Babywolf05@hotmail.. I can help you with what I know
javad2000Wednesday 21st of July 2004 05:48:58 AM
Farsi Language - Dear My Friend
I'm a native born Iranian and I'm living in Shiraz-IRAN, now. I'm ready to help you learn Farsi. Please contact me at:
Please also tell me your amount knowledge about Farsi and the way you would like to learn it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.