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javad2000Friday 08th of April 2005 01:56:56 AM
Who can translate these phrases into American slang? - Are there any English slang phrases which mean exactly the same as following phrases?
(Please write your answer as it would be heard in slang, if you can)
1- sabzi-xordan (for example "chera sare sofre sabzi-xordan nagzashti?")

2- kari ba man nadari? (for example: "kari ba man nadari? xoda hafez.")

3- tasliat arz mikonam. (For example: we meet somebody whose father has been died and we say "tasliat arz mikonam", or sometimes we say "fowte payambare eslam ra tasliat be tamame moslemin tasliat arz mikonam)

4- tabrik migam. (for example we go to somebody's house in Noruz and we shake hands with him and we say "tabrik migam", or we say "veladate emam hasan ro tabrik migam".)

5- zir pirahan (zir pirani)

6- che xabar az ali?

Thanks a lot
javad2000Sunday 10th of April 2005 11:07:53 PM
- Who can translate these phrases into American slang?
7- Man delam nemixad moghe'e engelisi harf zadan, tete-pete konam.
(من دلم نمي خواد موقع انگليسي حرف زدن تته-پته كنم)

8- ta didamesh dar raft.

Thank you very much.

omersenerFriday 15th of April 2005 06:57:42 PM
equivalents in eng. - Salam Javad,

Well, my knowledge of Farsi doesn't go too far,
but im still not sure that some of these phrases
are "slang". So here we go:

Tasliat arz mikonam : My condolences.
(Same thing when you say to the relatives of a deceased

Tabrik migam : lit. Congratulations or one can say "Happy Nawruz",

and lastly: Che khabar? : What's up? How's it going?

well these are all that i could make out,

Ba'salamat/ Khoda Hafez