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javad2000Sunday 06th of March 2005 01:50:19 AM
Who Can Translate These Words into English? - Who can translate these words into English?

1- Alaki
2- Sahar-khiz
3- khosh-ghowl

gaudrySunday 06th of March 2005 05:18:55 AM
- alaki - (as in "u alaki khoshhal ast?" This would be translated as "for no reason" . . ."He's happy for no reason"

sahar-khiz = "early riser" or "early bird"

khosh-ghowl = "trustworthy" or "punctual"
javad2000Tuesday 08th of March 2005 01:39:13 AM
Thanks - Salam duste man
Thanks for your reply.
Do you have any common-to-use phrase which is the same as:
"Alaki goftam." ?