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GoranBcnMonday 27th of December 2004 10:06:40 AM
A suggestion - It would be great if we can add more languages by editing our profile. What do you think?
bennylinMonday 27th of December 2004 10:11:58 AM
- what do you mean? you can add your language proficiencies up to six, can't you?
GoranBcnMonday 27th of December 2004 10:16:45 AM
- I wanted to say when you add a profile you can only add 4 languages that you are able to speak and only 3 that you want to learn. Do you understand now?
AnyaMonday 27th of December 2004 10:37:07 AM
- Hello Goran,
It's a good suggestion, but it would mean a lot bigger database and slower running of the discuss which are heftier downsides.

One way to get around this is to include into your signatures the other languages you are studying and that you speak.
Hope this helps.
GoranBcnMonday 27th of December 2004 10:41:18 AM
- Thanks Anya for your reply :)

Anyway I've found another way to do so.

bennylinMonday 10th of January 2005 02:59:26 PM
- wow you're a polyglot
where did your learn all those languages (if i my ask) ?
GoranBcnMonday 10th of January 2005 07:39:40 PM
- You are also a polyglot. :) Well, regarding Croatian and Serbian I learnt them because my father is Croatian and my mother is Serbian. It's more or less the same language, but there are some differences between them in vocabulary, grammar, alphabet, etc. I lived in Macedonia for almost a year so I learnt Macedonian there. :)
I speak Catalan and Spanish because I live in Barcelona. I have been learning German and Russian for 5 years in a school of languages. Then I started to learn French, Italian , Greek and Czech :) Actualy I'm working in a Hotel in Barcelona so everyday I can practice these languages with my clients and that helps me to improve them and not to forget them :)
TLemurTuesday 26th of April 2005 10:42:59 AM
Add Kazakh, please - Dear administrators,

could you please add Kazakh in the list of languages, since Kazakhstan is already in the list of countries. I can help you with resources for it.