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LeleMonday 16th of May 2005 05:52:45 PM
About post number - I noticed that the number of my posts was reduced by 3 or 4 but I don't recall having deelted some... Do some topics or posts expire or is there some other procedure about it?
Just curious....
Regards to all!!!!! :)

MartaMonday 16th of May 2005 05:59:05 PM
- All the posts and topic from previous 5 days got deleted. :( I'm sorry:)
LeleMonday 16th of May 2005 06:06:42 PM
Thanks!! - Thanks alot for the nice explanation.
I was so curious to know! :)
Smiles! :)
LindsayTuesday 17th of May 2005 06:26:09 AM
- Yeah I've noticed the same with a few of my posts as well. Can I post again without them being deleted? Why do they keep disappearing?
AnyaFriday 20th of May 2005 05:02:32 AM
- The database is now stable and on one server. It should be safe to post again.
Linds--I'll answer your conjuncts question again :) (x3)
LeleSaturday 21st of May 2005 12:47:25 PM
- Thanks so much for having solved the problem! :)